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Grim Fandango Deluxe - Original Thread [Locked]
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Author:  JohnnyWalker2001 [ Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:35 am ]
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Hi ramine, I've been very remiss in my duties trying to keep this project together. I will be issuing an update of where we are and how people can contribute soon.

Author:  Nitrus [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:36 am ]
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@JohnnyWalker2001: I still login every once in a while, so if you need me, just give a shout-out. I'm still busy throughout June, but will be at my utmost availability in July.

Author:  JohnnyWalker2001 [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:52 pm ]
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Great to hear!

Author:  JohnnyWalker2001 [ Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:49 pm ]
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UPDATE: We've moved to our own subforum thanks to the generosity of the ResidualVM team!

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