Can't save/load a game anytime!

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Can't save/load a game anytime!

Postby wizzel » Sun May 15, 2011 10:02 am

Hi there,
this is my first post on the forum and i know i should use the bug report instead of spamming the forum, but i was wondering:

Does no one have problems saving or loading a game inside ResidualVM :?:

Everytime i try to load or save a game, ResidualVM freezes and quits with a message stating something like
savestate-header error in savegame.cpp

I checked ResidualVM.ini for the paths, but everthing is fine there.
Then i looked into the bug reports people gave, but noone seems to have problems with the save/load option.

Maybe someone can enlighten me on that issue.
I don't want to play the game inside ResidualVM if save/load doesn't work.

Ah, i use ResidualVM daily build from 15.05.2011 under Windows 7 all patches and drivers installed.

I play the patched german version of Grim in ResidualVM.

There are also many subtitle errors in ResidualVM:
After talking to glottis, getting in the bureau of the other travel agent, the subtitles overlap themselves in one line.
After that, ResidualVM switches to showing some english subtitles. I guess these are known glitches.

At least the different volume settings when persons are talking seems to be fixed in the latest build.

Thanks for reading and keep on rocking with ResidualVM.

It's a great project! 8)


EDIT: Found out, that you can't have savegames from the original Grim Fandango inside the main directory.
This causes ResidualVM to crash when saving/loading a game.

Sorry for taking your time, issue solved! :D
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