Need HELP , new to ResidualVM

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Need HELP , new to ResidualVM

Post by sckorpio »

-->I am interested and want to contribute in residualVM.
-->Having a good knowledge of c/c++,OpenGL,cmake,3D graphics etc.
-->I have setup and compiled the ResidualVM with source on my machine and right now reading some documentations.
-->I am very interested in the Wintermute 3D project idea stated on page.
-->I also joined the IRC but i did not get replies there
Can someone help how to start with??? :D
what extra things would be required??
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Re: Need HELP , new to ResidualVM

Post by Raziel »


@bgk seems to be the most active in this forum and in the residualvm code lately and he's also very helpful.
He'll pop up sooner or later, i'll message him.

IRC is unfortunately pretty silent.

Wintermute3D support would be most awesome, so please stick around :-)
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Re: Need HELP , new to ResidualVM

Post by somaen »

Hi Sckorpio, I've seen that you've attempted to get in touch on IRC a few times, sadly we've
crossed paths at multiple points, without being able to get in touch.

Depending on how well people's time zones map up (most of us are fairly close to CEST),
IRC can sometimes be a fairly asynchronous medium for some of us, me in particular these days,
so I would suggest looking into getting some semi-permanent presence there
(i.e. some computer that stays logged in) to be able to catch any replies. That said,
I tend to check IRC more often if there is active discussion.

In particular IMs are suboptimal in IRC, as there is no way to send offline messages back,
so I would suggest asking in #residualvm if you don't get a fairly immediate IM-reply,
as #residualvm is logged, and thus you can see any replies later by checking the logs.

Other than that email is a fairly good medium for communication as well.

Now, as for a place to start, being able to compile and modify the code base is a must,
and I see that you already have this up and running. If it's GSoC you're aiming for,
then there is a hard requirement that you fix some bug, and file a Pull Request with the fix.
(The bug can be fairly trivial, and either a ScummVM- or ResidualVM-bug, feel free to ask
either in #scummvm or #residualvm for help with this).

As for WinterMute 3D, I thought I had some preliminary code for the very beginnings of that up
on GitHub, but apparently I must have forgotten to push that, so I'll have to do some further digging
to figure out where that went. Either way, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with
the wintermute-engine in ScummVM, in particular the rendering parts of it. The ScummVM implementation
performs a lot of 2D rendering in Software that we would be using OpenGL for in ResidualVM.

Similarly it might be worthwhile to download the original Wintermute-sources themselves: as that contains a fair bit of the 3D logic
that was removed in WME Lite (the version that was ported to ScummVM).

There are some further challenges involved here as well, as the original Wintermute engine used
DirectX, and thus also the DirectX specific .x-format for models. We will require some way of loading
such models. A decent reference exists in but we would need a solution that fits
with the ScummVM/ResidualVM framework.

That's a quick braindump from my end, if you have further questions, feel free to ask, and I'll try to answer at some point.
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